-Mecaviguez SL, experience and flexibility-

Mecaviguez S.L. is a mechanical machining company specialized in precision machining, CNC machines and short, medium and long series production.

Founded in 2010, it is a young, dynamic and flexible company formed by teams with proven experience in the machining of parts in series on automatic lathes in all types of materials.

-Optimal location with privileged access-

Mecaviguez has facilities of 400 m2 located in the industrial park of A Pasaxe in the Galicia-Spain. In the surroundings of the important city of Vigo, industrial center of the north-east of Spain, our facilities are located less than 100 meters from the highway access and minutes from the nearest port and airport.

-Custom Manufacturing Experts-

Our main activity is the machining of precision and the manufacture of parts to measure, but the flexibility of our equipment makes us able to offer a personalized service and adapted to the needs of each client in multiple sectors: automotive, boilermaking, naval, etc…